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Tamper Proof Key Rings
Before you compare key rings, think about what happens when you need to replace a key.

Only Morse Watchmans manufactures KeyRings™ that incorporate ease-of-use, a tamper-proof locking mechanism and unique identification system while offering you the flexibility to add or remove keys without destroying the more expensive ring.

With other locking key rings, you would have to cut through the stainless steel and replace the entire ring. Morse Watchmans’ Replaceable Hub Technology allows you to re-use the tamper proof key ring and replace the hub at a fraction of the cost. Simple to use and easy to re-use, yet adds security and value. Each hub is stamped with a unique serial number to help detect and prevent tampering.

Replaceable HUB Technology
Your cost-effective secure key ring solution. It’s the only key ring on the market that easily allows you to reuse your key ring without cutting it apart. Just attach a new HUB and click it. No crimping tools required!

The perfect combination with our renowned KeyBank® or KeyWatcher® Key Management Systems.

key ring flexFlex Key Rings

Use this product as a key ring or binder ring to hold products and documents together. This product features a strong and flexible cable that has a unique patented locking mechanism to assure your keys stay in place. They also crimp for permanent closure. These key rings come in a variety of lengths as well as colors including black, blue, clear purple, red, and green.

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